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Curse of the Black Pearl.....

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

I spoke too soon on the eye thing..... At our scheduled appointment with the Retinal doctor he found a new tear in the right eye. After discussion we all agreed that the best course considering how my eyes have acted is a full retinal buckle like we did on the left eye. Surgery scheduled for tomorrow. Problem is, I will be without useable sight in the right eye for 8 weeks and the gas bubble prohibits any altitude changes until then. Then a few weeks before cataract surgery. Then follow ups. So our travels are going to suffer likely through April.

God never laughs harder than when he hears about "your plans".

UPDATE - Cataract surgery went well on April 8. I now have 2 good eyes again. The right eye is likely in the 20/20 area and should get better in the next few weeks. We are very close to truly launching our adventures.

UPDATE - My doctor check up went well. Not problems so far. The bubble is down to about 30% and shrinking. I can at least drive now with vision in the right eye soft but useable. Plans are for cataract surgery in early April.

The Pirate sails again....

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