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Mt. Rushmore, Deadwood and Sturgis

After a sprint to get to the fun areas (sorry Oklahoma and Kansas), we started a National Park tour with the obligatory trip to Mt. Rushmore National Memorial and a stay in Rapid City, SD. We have all seen the pictures of Mt. Rushmore, but there is really nothing like seeing it for yourself. It is truly awe inspiring. We were able to be there for a night lighting show, but a fast moving lightning storm forced a shutdown. As we all complained, "at least turn the lights on", they lit it up!

On the way we traveled along part of the Oregon Trail. It was amazing to think of our ability to take our home, belongings and toys along and cover in a day what would have taken the pioneers a month or more to make. We have our food, electricity, water, air conditioning and all the comforts. It is amazing to think there are those in this country who believe these are the worst of times. In those pioneer times each day was a struggle to survive.

Since Sturgis, home of the annual Motorcycle Rally, was right down the road we took a trip to see it. Our neighbors from Lakeway, Birgit and Jeff, live there part of the year, so we were able to spend some time with them and walk around. I honestly thought that the rally had been called off due to CV-19. But it was very much still on. It was dialed back, but based on the preparations and the number of motorcycles we saw on the roads, not that much. Looks like a lot of fun, but we headed out before it began. Makes logical sense, the chances of death from a motorcycle accident are much higher than CV-19, so riders know how to accept risk.

We also made a stop at Deadwood, a mining town made famous for its wild ways in the early West. That includes the death of Wild Bill Hickock in the Saloon #10. The number of bikers was truly impressive. An interesting town that would be fun for a longer stay. We took advantage of the bike trail between Deadwood and Lead built on an old mining train track.

There is a lot to see in the Black Hills area. It is definitely on our list to go back for a longer stay. But we were off to Wyoming.

And...... The Grand Tetons!

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08 de set. de 2020

Hey Paul. We were actually up at our family cabin doing some ATV/UTV riding at the same time. Too bad we didnt bump into each other in Deadwood. Our family cabin is pretty close to Deadwood. Headed back up the first weekend in October. Glad you enjoyed the Hills!

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