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Designer Notes

I HIGHLY recommend downloading the free MSFS2020 Map Enhacement found here:   MSFS2020 Map Enhancement for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS Use the Google Map settings. 
 THE PLANE- The NX Cub was chosen as it is a standard offering in MSFS and is the closest match to the Kitfox we flew.  The nosewheel makes it a little easier to operate for new pilots.  But feel free to change it to any other bush type plane.

CHANGING THE PLANE- To closely match the feel of our flights, the Parallel 42 Kitfox is highly recommended.  With the full side bubble doors the views are spectacular. It is possible to change the plane once the leg is started by clicking ESC, choosing GENERAL OPTIONS, selecting DEVELOPERS in the side menu and turning Developer Mode on.  Then from the upper menu select WINDOWS, then AIRCRAFT SELECTOR to choose another aircraft.

WEATHER - We made the weather optional.  Our flights were in clear skies and fair winds.  But some clouds might be nice.  The trip will start with high clouds, but the gusts can get annoying.  Just turn them off.  It might also be helpful to set the time for around 11:00 local and change the month to August or September.  We flew earlier in the day to avoid thermals and winds.  But the light is much better around noon and avoids most of the shadows.  

SCENERY - The one area where add-on scenery really helps is Yellowstone.  There is a nice add on from X-Codr Designs that will improve the touring experience.  MSFS KWYS | X Codr Designs (  

GPS and AUTOPILOT - Since this is an aerial tour and not really a flight challenge, we made it possible to follow the NAV waypoints.  This makes it easier to focus on looking out vs. in the cockpit worrying about getting lost.  To make it even easier, just set the autopilot on NAV with altitude set over 8000ft.  No guarantees, but this should clear most of the terrain.  When I flew it was all by hand and following a GPS based VFR map.  No Autopilot available.  But do what works for you.

MSFS LIMITATIONS - There were some limitations within MSFS that would not allow our trips to be recreated exactly as we flew them.  That is the reason for so many legs in the package.  We did our best to stay true to the actual flights.  When we did have to alter the course, we made sure to throw in some interesting scenery and topics.  

VIRTUAL REALITY- The absolute best way to enjoy these flights.  My rig is the Oculus Quest 2 and the immersion is almost spooky. There are some tweaks to the settings and a cable is necessary to get the best out of it, but it is well worth the trouble. 

MUSIC - And don't forget to bring along the music!  We always had tunes playing in our headsets.  
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