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About the RV

Why is it called the Black Pearl?

When we originally picked up the coach in Orlando, Paul was a couple of weeks off of eye surgery.  When family saw the patch, it was "Captain Jack" then "The Black Pearl"


How did you pick the Newmar?

We researched quite a bit.  We both followed blogs and social sites with coach owners.  We had settled on the Tiffin or Newmar brand.  We read that there were two coach manufacturers in our range who were still family owned.  The theory is that they take better care of their customers after the sale.  Karen was completely sold on the Tiffin as she liked the way it looked and the features for the price.  

We were able to look at multiple units in Texas.  But the ones we really liked seemed to be in Florida.  So we made plans to visit some dealers there.  One of the last ones we visited was a major Newmar dealer.  They ordered custom designs that borrowed from the higher end coaches.  That made a big difference for us.  But the one thing that really sold us was the "rain effect".  While looking at a Newmar it started to pour down raining.  Inside it was a non-event.  Very quiet.  We then went to a Tiffin when the rain had slacked off.  It was much more noticeable.  We had been told about the Newmar construction, but that was what tipped us over to them.  No coach is built perfectly.  There will always be issues.  We have already gone through one.  But the support was there as we had hoped.  Time will tell, but we feel confident we chose wisely.

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