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The Trailer.....

By far the most challenging part of our adventure planning involved the trailer.  It had to have room for the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Kitfox SS7.  It had been done before by others, but it is a custom project regardless.  I researched and learned from the efforts of many pioneers. 


The first selection was the plane.  After researching models from Vans (RV-12) and RANS, the key decision was how the wings folded and the width of the tail.  While other planes can remove their wings or fold them, only the Kitfox seemed to have a tail that would fit the standard width of a trailer.  


The second was the "Toad" vehicle.  Essentially the one that would fit in the trailer and offer a way to get around when the RV was parked.  The plan was to use the Toad to haul the trailer to the airport without having to use the RV.   This required a vehicle that was relatively small, but powerful enough to tow the trailer.  The Jeep Grand Cherokee fit the bill with a 5.7 Liter V-8 (350 horse) that allows for a 7500# towing capacity.  With the Kitfox being very light (900#) the Jeep will be towing a little less than 6000#.   In addition the Trailhawk model had the ability to lower the entire chassis via an air suspension system allowing it tofit under the plane.  And it is a rocking off road vehicle as well.   This towing configuration will likely be only for local positioning vs. long distance hauling.  


Sometimes there is no substitute for a model to assure everything will fit.  Kitfox offered scale drawings of the plane, so from there I had a measuring reference.  Everything from that point was based on the scale of the aircraft.  In the end the plan was to have a trailer with the height to accommodate the tail.  Others have used a "cap" for the tail when in the trailer and lowered the overall height.  Through multiple discussions with trailer manufacturers the suggestion was to  go full height instead.

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