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And then there was Oshkosh...

Some really bad parts, some really good parts and some great new friends. The bad part was by far the rains that came the weekend before the show. Our motor coach was already set in Camp Scholler, but we stepped out in to 2" of water for days. I had volunteered to help Co-Chair operations for aircraft parking in the South 40 area. That became a chess game as we worked to carve out enough dry areas to park planes. We eventually did get almost 150 planes in. But there were areas that were never useable. I learned a lot about the parking operations at Airventure. And likely put in the 40 hr. target for volunteer hours before the show started. Helping to park 100 Cessna's in 30 minutes was quite the thrill.

And there was the show. I was able to park the trailer with the plane right next to the Ultralight runway, so we were able to spend evenings watching those events and the full night airshows. There are a lot of good pictures of the show from others. Honestly I did not get much time to see it. Maybe next year.

A little vino before the night airshow

And to wrap it up, one of the best fireworks endings ever seen. Awsome....

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1 Comment

Enrico Conedera
Enrico Conedera
Sep 25, 2019

Hi Paul - we used to vacation in Oshkosh when I was a kid. Good story about the grass being so wet.

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