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Bike upgrade....

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

We made the mistake of riding one of our neighbors Rad Power E-bikes at the Sunset Point RV Park. (That is why we won't be going to any RV shows for a year or so) They are entirely too cool. They pedal, but when you do the electric motor kicks in and makes it pretty effortless. Or you can turn it off or adjust the assist and get the real workout. They will make working hills much more civilized. We seem to leave our current bikes in the bags unless the ground is pretty flat. These new bikes will change that.

Karen is going for this RadMini bike that has fat tires and folds up. It also has a step-thru frame. Biggest problem is that they are backordered on the 2019. Hoping it opens up soon.

As usual I had to investigate online and went for another bike that was highly rated by a lot of places online. The Ariel M-Class. This bike has amazing power on hills and can go as far as 70 miles on a charge. The major problem is it will not fold. But I am working on that issue.

We will post results when we get our hands on them.

UPDATE My bike came in. While the instructions were not much help and the video the company created was not much better, I got it put together. The short story.... WOW. This bike really delivers. I charged the battery and took off around the Kilgore, TX area. This is not a place where I would ride a regular bike. There are LOTS of hills to tackle. While I still had to put in effort, it made the whole trip completely workable. I got a workout, but not exhaustion. I ended up putting in 32 miles and there was about 1/3 of the battery left. When tackling a hill I just put it in 4th gear and helped pedal a little. The torque on the motor is impressive. I was holding 15mph going uphill.

These bikes are going to completely change how we explore. Karen's bike will show up this week and we will get to compare.

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