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Catching up - ARK-LA-TX

Its been some time now since posting anything. The unfortunate truth is, sometimes there is not anything worthy of posting. While in Hot Springs, Arkansas my lower back started to act up. When we got to Gladewater, TX it turned in to a full attack putting me out of action for weeks through our visit to New Orleans. Walking was very painful causing me to stop and bend over to recover. There were multiple stops at medical and chiropractic clinics which ended up doing almost nothing to help. With nothing to lose I started taking some of Karen's unused CBD oil. It is working! The pain is still there, but much more manageable. So we are back to the adventure.

This is a catch up post as I was just not in the mood to post over the last few weeks.

HOT SPRINGS, AR - The highlight of the trip by far was Garvan Woodland Gardens. It was on Karen's bucket list to see the Cathedral in the Woods. What a beautiful area.

A Treehouse like we have not seen before. Apparently the treehouse and surrounding area cost $1M.

How about a Fairy Village? Did not see the Fairy's but they must have been there.

And they had a fantastic model train land.


Primarily a catch up with Karen's Mom and had a fantastic dinner with some of our college friends. And of course, BBQ at Bodacious.


And off we go to New Orleans to meet up with our friends from Atlanta, the Proffitt's. They have been full-time RV'ing for 3 years now. New Orleans was to be the kick off to a Bourbon Trail tour. As it turned out that stop primarily revolved around doctor and chiropractic visits. We did get some fun in as the RV park, Pontchartrain Landing had a local restaurant / bar that provided some great evening entertainment. So even staying at there provided some fun. It was right on a canal, so we had water to view.

One of the top places to see on my list has always been the WWII museum. I was not disappointed. It was a struggle to get through the 4 buildings as the back pain was constant. But considering the sacrifice of those the museum represents, it was time to suck it up. We missed a couple of things, but likely got through 90-95% in a day. They do a great job of putting you back in the days of WWII and providing a backdrop of the stunning amount of deaths (millions) attributed to that war. They even tell the truth about why the Atomic bombs were necessary. Likely millions would have died in an invasion of Japan. Our parents would have been among them. There were multiple WWII veterans visiting. Not many left. It was encouraging to see everyone come up and thank them for their service.

BTW, New Orleans was selected as the site due to its history with the Higgins Boat. That was the plywood landing craft seen in movies of amphibious invasions. They were built by the thousands and were praised as the most important innovation of the war and was essential to win. Not a lot of pictures as they don't do it justice. But if you get a chance, go! And take your kids even if they are grown. They need to know what true Resistance and Sacrifice means.

And some images of strolling New Orleans. It includes a recreation of a picture from one of our first dates in college on a fraternity formal.

Next stop Nashville!

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