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Farewell Cottonwood, AZ, we are really going to miss you....

Updated: May 23, 2023

Let's hope we never see anything like the shutdown for Covid-19 again. But if we ever did, we would race back to be shut down in Cottonwood, AZ. Since February we have stayed at the Rain Spirit RV Resort right outside of old town Cottonwood, AZ. This resort is situated down the mountain from Jerome and right across the Verde Valley from Sedona. The views are spectacular and there is always something to do even if everything is closed down. We can go RV Trail riding, flying, boating, biking or hiking all within a 3 mile radius.

Our refugee home through the Covid Crisis
Every night we would run Nellie at the airport

This post will be a grab bag of things we did in the area over the last few months.


We had not planned to be in Cottonwood for so long. But while we were in Page, AZ we got a request by the Cottonwood Experimental Aircraft Association to speak about our travels at their monthly meeting. So we made plans to head back for a week. While in Cottonwood in early March it became obvious things were going to get worse due to the virus. We decided our best bet was to hunker down with our fellow RV Virus refugees and ride it out.

We made some great friends in the EAA that led to group flights around the area. One of our group destinations was Payson, AZ. The flight was fun and there was a great restaurant right on the airfield. They are also set up for camping right there by your plane.


Just down the hill from our RV Park was the Verde River. So naturally we had to take our boat to check it out. The trip was about 2 hours including lunch. We found that our boat took a little more skill than we expected. Being a pontoon it was possible to get the boat stuck on rocks if we approached them wrong. Well we just had to try that out.... It was like a Disney Jungle Cruise. Lots of fun.


While our Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk has been on some rough trails, going up Schnebly Hill in Sedona was the roughest. For about 6 miles the climbing road was nothing but rocks and more rocks. We met people with standard Jeeps and 4x4 trucks that decided to turn around and head back. We saw what must have been a rental mini-van coming down the hill. That one must have been a wreck when it was over. It takes a very high center vehicle to make it. But the views were worth it.


With the Meteor Crater in Winslow, AZ just a short flight away, we headed out to see the big hole in the ground.


Another great hike just a couple miles from our RV site was in the Verde Valley upstream of where we were boating. It was a great walk through the Cottonwood trees down in the valley to a pool.


And our first goal was to go out to eat at some of the local restaurants. It was very uplifting to see people heading out to support those local establishments who had suffered through months of shutdown.


Just next to our trailer was another trailer holding a Kitfox. During our last week we went up for a sunset flight. It turns out that George, who flies a nice Red and White Kitfox, was taking his wife up at the same time. We were able to join up for some formation flying with the sun setting behind us.

And then put the Kitfoxes back in their boxes...

So at the end of May we are ready to head out. States are beginning to open again. Federal Parks are opening. We are heading to Santa Fe for a few days and then Texas to do some logistical things and try to see Karen's mother. Past that? Not sure. But we will keep you posted!

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