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Flying Kentucky

While we worked our way through the Bourbon Trail I was able to get in some pretty good flying as well. While at the Bardstown airport our traveling friend, John Proffitt, was able to put his amazing camera zoom lens to good use capturing some fantastic shots of flying the Kitfox.

My favorite of his shots. At takeoff

While pulling the plane out of the trailer to fly I usually attract a curious pilot or two. I met a local CFI, Chris, who invited me to a local event at the airport. The Kentucky Pilots Association and other like minded groups decided to get young people involved in aviation by arranging for them to actually build a plane. It works through the local high school. The event was designed for students and parents to meet those who made it possible.

The plane they are building is a Carbon Cub. A picture of a finished yellow one is below. It comes in a complete kit and the students put that kit together in a custom build workshop under the watchful eye of their instructor. The workshop is outfitted with an amazing set of donated tools. Upon completion the plane will be sold and the proceeds will be used to buy a new kit and start the process again. Any additional funds will be used to provide flight lessons for some lucky students. This is a fantastic effort by the local pilots that should pay off for everyone in the long run.

Of course while flying around it was impossible not to spot the Bourbon distilleries. They were everywhere. Some were painted black, but many wore white with the black mold that forms on everything in the area due to the output of the distilleries. It is harmless, but a real nasty coating on everything.

And there are the horse farms. They were everywhere in the region.

We were also able to chase down Noah's Ark just south of Frankfort.

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