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Fredericksburg, a little something for everyone..

While we are hanging out in Marble Falls, Fredericksburg is right down the road. This town has really got things figured out. They appeal to the Kids, Wives and Husbands all at the same time.




*Cool shops

*Great places to eat

*Fun downtown area

But they really take it over the top with some historical areas and not so obvious fun places.

WWII Pacific Theater Museum

We did not plan enough time to see it all. At least half a day. There are three areas. They added a separate area with exhibits and a re-enactment arena with shows on many weekends during the year. We did not see it, but very "Disneyesqe". This is very well done and should be of interest to everyone.

Following the Pacific WWII theme, the local airport offers a unique hotel and 50's style diner right on the runway. We have flown there many times to walk in and have lunch. But it is a great place for those who drive in as well.

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