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Got to love the aviation community.....

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

While we were staying in the Longview, TX area the trailer lived at the Gladewater airport. I was able to fit in some fun flights.

Getting a little better at moving the plane in and out of the trailer. Most of the time I am by myself, but it sure was handy to have my new friend Mark holding a light when I packed it in the dark.

If you are ever near Mt. Pleasant, TX make time to drop by the Mid-America Flight museum. It is very easy to miss as they don't make a lot of fuss. But this it one of the best museums you will find. The key is, they all fly. And they don't have the big ropes to keep you away. If you ask nicely the people there will even let you tour cockpits. Try that in any other museum. They do great work here.

These are not static museum pieces. They fly. There is a team of mechanics working on them all the time.

Turn left at the Dakota...

On the last evening at Gladewater some of the locals came by to say hello. They invited my to an EAA meeting that night in Aero Estates just south of Tyler. The weather was great, so I jumped in and flew the 35 miles to say hi. The EAA chapter was fantastic and gave me a warm welcome. And Aero Estates was a pilots heaven. Right off the lake with a grass strip. Thanks again to everyone there for the invitation!

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