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Grand Teton National Park

Trying something a little different in this post. It is primarily based on a video that is unlike any likely seen of the Tetons. As with the previous aerial videos of Sedona, we secured our Mavic Pro drone to the Kitfox to capture some amazing aerial images of the park. The FAA requests planes fly at least 2000' above ground level over the national parks, so it seems a little high. But that makes the views more spectacular. And some ground based photos are slipped in as well.

Hope you like it, as there will be similar videos for Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks as well.

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Michael Macomber
Michael Macomber
14 sept 2020

Thank for sharing about your mom, Karen. And a BIG thank you for your sincere, heartfelt message of the real destruction that COVID is having on our society... Isolation and alienation of humanity. We are social creatures and need that one-on-one interaction. That's what life it truly about. Sharing experiences with others, especially loved ones. If we are living in fear of the inevitable and being forced into isolation, can we truly say we're living? Thank you two for your inspiration to live.

Me gusta
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