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Kerrville - The Beauty of the Texas Hill Country

In November while we were still preparing our equipment and systems for our extended journey we took a few days and moved to Kerrville. The weather was great and the small town was gorgeous. We stayed at a very nice resort called Buckhorn Lake. It features a regular RV park, but half is a unique RV / Home community. People purchase a small home and pull the RV up right next to it. Here are some images of Buckhorn Lake.

We went to Kerrville on a fantastic day. We took our bikes and explored the miles of riverside trails that wind through the city. Unfortunately we were there shortly after the floods of 2018, so much of the trail was closed. Here are some videos showing the area.

And we also went to the local Western Art Museum. We were not allowed to take pictures of the art, but did pull off a couple of stills.

Kerrville is a great stop if you get the chance.

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