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Lake Tahoe

Updated: May 23, 2023

Over the years we have visited Lake Tahoe many times. Some visits were in the summer, some were in winter for snow skiing. It has always been one of our favorite places to visit. The combination of mountain vistas with a deep blue lake is like a magnet. But when Karen learned of a new bike trail that follows the lake edge, we made it a hard target for our travels. With the boat and the plane it became the complete adventure area. Hiking would have been fantastic, but Karen has some healing to do before we tackle that.

Flying over Tahoe Keys

It was also a place for me to try out my new Rad e-bike, the Rad Mini 4. As mentioned in the Newport blog post, our Jeep was broken in to and the thieves took the battery to my Aerial Rider bike. Rather than pay $450 for a new battery (which is on possible permanent backorder) we decided to bite the bullet and change the bike. It was a good upgrade and a larger and stronger bike. Nellie likes her new riding platform as well. She is locked in with a strap to her collar. It must feel like flying for her. The bike trail was fantastic. It is only a few miles now, but over time it will ring the entire lake.

Taking the boat out on Lake Tahoe was a real treat. The water was cold, but it always is as it is essentially snow melt. Experts suggest that putting a plane down in the center will mean freezing long before anyone could get to you. The clarity is amazing. It has become a little more cloudy over the years, but it is still really clear. The local tour boats point out dinner plates that are hundreds of feet down.

And of course the flying was spectacular. The weather behaved with nice temperatures and low winds. The airport was great to work with as I had an area all to myself.

It turns out we got out of town just in time. The area was covered in snow the day after we left. That in itself is not so bad, but we really did not want to take the Circus down the mountain roads in any type of snow or ice. Now off to see Yosemite!

Emerald Bay

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