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Leavenworth, WA a fun Bavarian Town

As we were moving west we needed a stay in the center of Washington state. We found a Thousand Trails (we can stay on our account for free) near Leavenworth, WA. We really knew nothing about the area when we made the reservation other than there was a grass airstrip nearby.

As usual with our travels, some of the best stays are found by accident. Leavenworth was one of those towns. In the late 1800's Leavenworth was born as a lumber town that used the railroads and rivers to move the merchandise. Everything went bust in the 1920's as the railroad moved and the lumber was used up. The town fell upon hard times until the 1960s when locals decided to remake Leavenworth as a true Bavarian town. We have been to other towns in the country who have tried it, but they ended up looking tacky and cheap. Not Leavenworth. Having been to Germany and Munich, it was a fairly authentic effort and a lot of fun to visit. The German food we had at Andreas Keller Restaurant was really good and it felt like some places we has seen in Germany.

Flying out of the Lake Wenatchee Airport was an interesting experience. It is essentially carved out of the forest around it. It was hazy on the ground, but when in the air it was clear the smoke from western fires was thick. It was a quick flight as it was not smart to fly too far from the airport. But I was able to get above the smoke and see some fantastic views of the Cascades.

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