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Longhorn Caverns State Park

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

While staying in the Marble Falls, TX area, we visited the Longhorn Caverns State Park. We have been in caves, but this one is different as it was created by an underground river creating some unique patterns and shapes. It also has a lot of history being used by Native Americans, party goers and church congregations. Even the name is interesting as it came from the Longhorn cattle that would fall through the openings and die in a heap below. As the caverns have a constant 68 degree temperature, it was a great place to escape the heat or cold above before air conditioning came to Texas. Imagine a band, food, bar and dance floor 50' below the surface. People would dress in their best and head down in the cool dark regions of the caves. For those who would party a little too hard, they would find themselves in the congregation of a church that met on Sunday mornings. Here are some representative images. This is well worth the detour to see. Plan for a couple of hours for the guided tour.

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