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Lots of catching up... Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico

Its been pretty busy over the last few weeks. Some of our visits will be broken out individually. But here are some of the things we saw recently.

Had to move the coach to Junction City, OR for some warranty work. While there we visited Eugene and did a bike ride to see some old covered bridges near Cottage Grove, OR. The pictures don't show it, but there were some steep hills that the bikes made short work of.

Headed off to the coast to see some sights near Tillamook. Cape Mears is a fantastic stop. It was overcast, but that is typical local weather. The lighthouse is one of many that keep ships off the rocks. Likely not as necessary now that GPS is in play.

Visited the Tillamook Dairy and took the tour. The short story:

1 - Feed the cows

2 - Process the milk in to cream

3 - Package the cream in to cheese

4 - Sell it

5 - To hell with cheese, they make Ice Cream!

With Amanda as our guide we headed out to the Hood River and Mount Hood. Multnomah Falls were fantastic. Second highest falls in the US. The history of the old road is impressive. Most was built during the 30's as a work project. Amazing views. Also visited the Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood, best known for its outside shots in "The Shining". Amazing handiwork and likely a great place to experience snow skiing at Mt. Hood.

Turns out we can stay at Cracker Barrel overnight. Great dinner and breakfast. And a great place to stay.

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1 Comment

Enrico Conedera
Enrico Conedera
Sep 25, 2019

Paul, I was just at the Tillamook Creamery on Sunday. Let me know next time you come to Oregon!

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