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Nappanee, Indiana- Aviation, Motor Coach and Trailers in the Heartland

While in Nappanee, IN for our one year warranty work at Newmar, I was able to also visit the home of the trailer, InTech. They are literally right across the street from the other. The whole northern IN area is full of companies making trailers and campers. This is a center for the Amish community of workers. We stayed at the Oakwood Resort in Syracuse, picture below. I also snapped some images of the InTech plant, the new Newmar service facility and new campground and the main manufacturing area for Newmar and the current camping area.

Aviation is Northern Indiana is very grassroots, pun intended. There are grass fields everywhere. While staying at the Nappanee airport (thanks John Graber and Olen Borkholder) I was told I had to go to Zollenger airport and visit with Lowell Farrand if possible. I did, and what a treat. Now in his mid-80's, Lowell is a legend in the aviation community and EAA. He has flown hundreds of plane types, crashed prototype helicopters and rotorcraft. He actually died in one of them, but came back and recovered. I was wishing I could talk to him longer, but it was getting late. To my surprise he pulled out copies of his two books, signed them and gave them to me. Having read the first one it feels like I did stay longer to talk with him.

Zollinger Field, or an Aviation Field of Dreams

Lowell in his hangar with his beloved Luscombe. Take note of his method to keep people from ramming their heads on the wing trailing edge.

At the other end of the strip is a very active maintenance operation.

I was also able to make the tail end of a Saturday breakfast and lunch at the Gordon airport. I missed many of the planes and pilots, but did see some of the unique craft to make it.

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1 Comment

Jun 28, 2019

Wow. What a gift to meet an aviator who's seen so much. The memories...You're very fortunate! On the road again......!

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