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Our new Adventure Companion

Sometimes things just work out like they should I guess. Our Papillion, Mya, has been with us for 16.5 years. She is a great dog. But she in now firmly in the old age section of her life. She is blind, mostly deaf and relegated to the basics of eating and sleeping. Karen and I talked about when she went over the rainbow bridge we would go dog-less for a while.

Then came Nellie...…. My brothers wife Tricia knew a couple trying to place a 2 year old Papillion in a new home. We brought her "home" for a few days to see how Mya would react. Turns out they got along great. It actually seemed to keep Mya calm to have another dog around. We were hooked and Nellie has become a new member of the family.

And what a personality! She wakes up ready to play. No matter what you throw at her, she is in and ready. She is very smart with a little mischievous twinkle in her. We think she will adapt quickly to our new lifestyle.

Nellie in "let's play" mode

Nellie and Mya enjoying a sunset. Nellie is too young to drink, must be Mya's...

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