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Polson, Montana

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

When we first began to research the idea of living in a Motorcoach and traveling the country, we ran across an RV Resort that seemed to be heaven on earth. It was specifically for Class A coaches. It overlooked Flathead Lake and the mountains in the Flathead National Forest. And just by coincidence there was an airport right next door. It was not exactly inexpensive, but we decided to splurge and treat it like a vacation. For years we looked forward to staying there. And finally through everything 2020 threw at us, we made it. It did not disappoint.

The weather was fantastic and we had a great time, until.... well we can save that. There were constant airshows and wildlife displays.

The lake we overlooked was Flathead Lake. As with most of the lakes up north, it is beautiful, clear and a lot of fun to fly over. Here is a video that will give you a tour. There are a couple of mansions on the lake that have interesting histories. And we fly over Kalispell, the gateway to Glacier National Park.

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Wayne Clary
Wayne Clary

Love all your blogs, great stories, insights, pictures and videos. I share them with family members so they get an idea of what different parts of the USA look like. Wishing you more fun and clear skies.


Sharon Brown
Sharon Brown

I am SOO very proud of you two!!!! I'm worried about Karen's leg!

Bless your heart - I pray it heals quickly for you! I so admire what you

are both doing and my Ed would be so proud of Paul for taking your

plane with you!! LOL! You pilots never change! Paul, you look so much

like your Dad, sitting on that chair near the lake, but I see so much of

your Mom too! You know how she loved "adventures" and you two

are doing just what she would have wanted to do! Have fun and stay

safe! I love following your adventures! Love, Sharon and the Brown


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