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Quartzite and Newmar Rally

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Remember the movie "Independence Day"? While in the desert in Quartzite, AZ attending a Newmar Rally we watched the movie for the first time since we started this new life. And guess what? It turns out that the people who survived and saved the day were people in RV's. And the hero who blew up the alien ship towed his plane behind his RV. So what does that mean? Nuthin, just thought I would point it out....

Quartzite was quite an experience. Imagine thousands of RV's finding a nice flat spot in the desert and hanging around for a week. In most cases there are no connections for water or electricity. This is called "boondocking". It requires managing your resources to make it through week. We were new to the idea, so not sure what our weak link would be. It turned out to be fresh water. We have 100 gallons and even with marine showers and brutal conservation we barely made it mainly due to toilet flushes. Even at low flush it is the primary user of water. So we are pretty comfortable with boondocking for about 4 days.

There was an "RV" show in town, but it was more like a flea market with some RV stuff sprinkled in. The drone got a workout in the desert. There were no rules against it for a change!

The Newmar rally area with the community fire pit in the middle. This is where we had dinners and presentations.

And I was able to get the shot I have been waiting for a long time. All the toys in one picture.

This picture pretty much sums up Quartzite....

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