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Quick stop in Earp, CA

Updated: May 23, 2023

As we moved east our paths crossed with our friends the Proffitt's (Bourbon Trail - Kentucky Bourbon Trail Part 1 - Bardstown ( in Earp CA. Earp is an RV based community that lines the Colorado river below the Parker Dam south of Lake Havasu. The middle of the Colorado river is the border of California and Arizona. And yes, it is named after the famous Wyatt Earp. This is off road trail country. It is possible to leave your RV spot and go for days in the desert. Winter in Lake Havasu, ( It is also boating country. We were there in the late fall, off season. But we could just imagine how that whole area comes alive in the warmer months.

We had a space right on the water and made good use of it. The weather was great and the water was warm. Out came the boats for some river fun.

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