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Rainy, good internet... time to catch up

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

As I write this we are currently staying in Newburyport, Mass. for a week in early September. We were in amazing Maine for almost a month and found that Verizon has not bothered to put much bandwidth up there. In addition I have somewhat of a Post Olympics syndrome. Like an Olympic athlete that works, trains and strives to achieve a specific goal for years, once the Olympics are over they may find themselves a little goal diffused. After years of planning and then executing our plan to travel the country and see amazing sights, we find ourselves pondering our next moves. We are currently booked through mid-December and will end up in Florida. After that? Not really sure. We do have some concepts that we might share soon.

It has been a struggle for me to decide how to cover our East Coast trip. Many of the areas don't really warrant a full write up. They were fun, but not all that spectacular. So the plan is to combine some areas to follow certain themes. A little bit of history, a little commentary and some really interesting images and videos.

Here we go!

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