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Sedona Flying

Updated: Jul 27

A guaranteed boredom crusher as everyone is at home waiting out the CV-19 virus. These are raw videos taken from the plane in the early morning of 4/16/20/. I use my Mavic Pro drone mounted to the plane to take the images. No music, so crank up your favorite tunes, grab an adult beverage and put this on the largest screen you can arrange.

My original plan was to put this in a single video. But none of my platforms would put up with it. Too long, too large. But it would not be the same without HD. So my solution was broken up YouTube streams.

This view would cost hundreds if taking an aerial tour. You get it for free!

Welcome to my world.

Takeoff from Cottonwood, AZ. At the end it is possible to see our RV Resort if one knows where to look.

Just East of our RV Resort is an ancient Indian community called Tuzigoot. Few people get to see it from above. Check out our other Sedona post for a view from the ground.

Next up, we enter the Sedona area from the south. This was early morning with the sun at our backs. Cathedral Rock will come in to view as well as the airport and Sedona. We then head North up 89 to find a secret valley.

This next clip is coming in from the East and working along the red rock cliffs that are NE of Sedona.

At the end of the last video we started to crest a hill that would drop us in to a hidden valley. This is one of my favorite places to fly. As we move through the valley notice that there are no roads. I did not even see trails. This is not something you can see without hiking or flying. Enjoy.

Some of the rock formations begged for another lower pass.

The next video shows where the Clarkdale Train takes passengers through the remote Sycamore valley. This is a favorite area for off the grid camping on National Forest land.

And then we head back to Cottonwood Airport for landing.

Hopefully these videos took you out of your current situation if only for a few minutes. We all look forward to moving forward with our lives. Lets hope that can happen very soon.

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