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Sedona - Part 2 - WOW

Sedona has earned a reputation for breathtakingly beautiful scenery. We had been to Sedona once before, but there is no way to see it all in a half day. Sedona is all about being outdoors. Almost any direction will provide stunning vistas. We decided to take a day hike to Devil's Bridge. Just getting there can be an adventure as we gave the Jeep a workout getting to the trailhead.

Devil's Bridge requires some rock climbing to get the views. It is a natural arch carved out of the red rocks. Nellie took it in stride as our mountain goat scampered up the rocks.

Another fun day hike was to Faye Canyon. This was a relatively easy hike up to some sloping rocks that gave a fantastic vista view. Pretty hard to take bad pictures here.

And perhaps the best way to see the area is by air. We started from Cottonwood and worked our way around the valley. From the air it was possible to see canyons and rock formations that would be difficult to gain access to from the ground. Perhaps the best part for a pilot was to land on the S.S. Sedona. The airport looks like an aircraft carrier from the air. While easy for our Kitfox to manage, there have been jets that have gone off the ends with tragic results. While there we were buzzed by a Marine Osprey out for some practice. I guess Sedona may resemble some of the areas the Marines have to frequent overseas.

And to really get the feel requires video. Here is a compilation of some of Karen's best shots from her new iphone 11 ProMax. There is a minute of black at the end of the video that was an accident. There is no teaser in the black....

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