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Seligman, AZ - Inspiration for the "Cars" movie

Route 66 was the romantic US road in the early days of the automobile. Taking this route to or from California was a right of passage for Americans. In some ways it still is as a way to connect with the nostalgia of a bygone era. There are many Route 66 towns that were bypassed by the construction of the interstate highways. As the traffic diminished the towns struggled and died. Some of those towns simply ceased to exist. Others found a way to latch on to the past as a way to the future.

One of these towns is Seligman, AZ. It was actually Seligman that was the inspiration for the movie "Cars" about a top racing car that was forced to spend time in one of the bypassed towns. During that time he learned life lessons, found love, won the big race, yata yata...

We were only passing through and staying for the night, but it seemed like a visit was worthwhile. There are some interesting shops that were all closed. But we were able to get dinner at the Road Kill Cafe. A little high priced and the food was marginal. But with a name like that its not about the food.

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