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The Great Texas Floods of 2018

While staying at Sunset Point RV Resort in Marble Falls during October we had a front row seat to the devastation of the flooding in the Texas Hill Country. On October 16 we woke to our phones going off warning of flooding in Llano and Kingsland that was headed for Lake LBJ. Considering we were located right by the dam on lake LBJ, we were a little concerned. But we walked around and everything was normal. So we made breakfast. But an hour later emergency vehicles told us we were to evacuate. The nice thing about a home that is mobile, you can move. So we went with the other refugees to the WalMart parking lot to wait it out. We were allowed back later in the day and escaped any damage. But many in the Texas Hill Country were not so lucky.

There was a steady stream of boats, jetskis, docks and other debris floating through Lake LBJ and going over the dam.

Video of the dam with all gates open hoping to survive the coming wave. Unfortunately that meant flooding everything downstream at Marble Falls and Lake Travis.

Sunset Point from the air. The Dam is to the left.

The Dam down from Marble Falls was almost out of control on the day of the flood. This picture is when it is normal.

A debris field from the flood still there in December.

Looking closer you can see someone loading a jetski. There are others in the pile.

Those white specs are overturned boats still in the river.

The waterfront in Llano was hammered. The city park shows the power of the moving water that took out a bridge downstream in Kingsland and flooded much of Marble Falls and Lake Travis.

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