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The Kitfox and Trailer have a new owner

It was a great run. But it was time to move on. After the New York City flight New York City by air ( I felt a bit like an Olympic athlete after the games had ended. I had been planning and executing the plan of carrying the plane with us around the country for 6+ years. We were able to fly over the most amazing areas the US has to offer. I flew over the Space Shuttle Landing strip and landed at the First Flight Airport where the Wright Brothers first flew. But managing the aircraft operations was beginning to feel like a burden and just flying around without great things to see just did not have the draw to make it worth it. The plane and trailer needed a new home with an enthusiastic pilot. I found one in Idaho.

The Kitfox and trailer performed even better than I had hoped. While moving and operating them was a very involved process, with the exception of a couple of situations the plan worked out really well. I will miss flying for now, possibly getting back into it later when we settle somewhere.

Now it is time for our next plan. We had seriously investigated moving on a boat full-time for a few years. We had visited boat shows, listened to seminars and walked docks to see different types. We had even settled in on an Aquila 44 Motor Catamaran.

But the more it was investigated, the more we realized the whole concept was likely much more to deal with than originally thought. And it could easily leave us broke before we were 70! So that whole idea is on hold for the moment. We will have a boat again, but I don't see us living on it full time.

We are now contemplating our next move, but as we do it is time to hit the road again! Starting in South Carolina our target is the West, specifically Zion National Park and Colorado in general, which are areas that we have not yet visited. Past that, who knows?

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