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The other part of Michigan

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

As we worked our way around the Northern section of Michigan on route to Oshkosh we stopped in Iron Mountain, MI. The area is most famous for what the name implies, mining of Iron Ore. But today it is a fantastic playground in the summer. With many lakes and rivers the idea is to get outdoors. So we did, by bikes, boat and plane.

While exploring Badwater lake we ran across a water ski team practicing.

Beautiful close to a great day

And we ran across two Keeshond dogs that reminded us very much of our Dusty and Lady. They were a lot larger than we remembered. That would never work with our new life. But we loved them very much.

Now lets take the plane to Three Lakes. What could be better? A grass strip on a lake with a great lunch place. The Sunset Grill is in view as we turn to final on the airstrip.

A great view and some amazing wooden boats.

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