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Weight Check

After almost 2 years of planning the final checks for weight for the coach and trailer have been accomplished. Even with all the calculations and figuring it is not possible to really know for sure until they are put on the scales. So we packed up the circus and headed to Livingston, TX and the Escapees Smart Weigh system. It actually measures all axles and wheels to assure everything is set up correctly.

The short story is.... everything looks really good. We are about 6000 #s under weight on the coach and the trailer fully loaded is in the 10,500 range. Right where I had hoped with a Gross Vehicle Weight capability of 12,000#s. Even better, the load seems to be distributed really well. I matched the weights against the Michelin tire recommended inflation and actually came down on the front tires of the coach and the trailer.

The lady managing the scales said we officially win the prize of the heaviest coach and longest combined vehicle length at the Smart Weigh system. WE WIN!

Pulling the trailer so far is a non-event. It follows the coach like a puppy dog. And from what I could see it did not even change the MPG on the coach. Looks like it will settle in the 6.4 range. Karen is still very nervous about pulling the trailer. But hopefully that will get better as she sees how easy it really is.

Next stop is to San Antonio to drop the plane off for its annual. My eye still needs another 1.5 months before it is fully ready. But hopefully we are seeing the end of the tunnel.

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