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West Branson, MO

As our travels progress we are figuring out what we really appreciate seeing. Turns out we are not big fans of Branson itself. We found our fun in the surrounding areas.

The trip started out bad as we had a self induced accident with the coach and the trailer. We got caught in a small turnaround at the Branson West airport and I jackknifed the rig while backing up. Its only cosmetic, but still a pain. The airport managment wanted us well out of the way, so we had a tarmac area almost to ourself.

We stayed at Port of Kimberling RV resort. It was right on the water at Tablerock Lake. That gave us an easy path to using the boat and letting Karen check out some of the huge houseboats on the lake. Could be our next move after we check out the country.

Not sure who needed that castle, but it is pretty impressive.

We were told that when in the area we had to fly to Gaston's in Lakeview AR. On the way we also were able to fly over the Buffalo and White river area, the Grand Canyon of Arkansas. Looked like a great place for kyacking and camping. Might have to go back.

Flying in to Gaston's was great fun in the Kitfox. Grass runways really just feel like how flying should be. And this is a great one. Karen got some video of the landing that really shows off the area.

What a cool place. The restaurant is really special with some amazing artifacts and beautiful views of the White river. We were there on a Thursday, but we heard them talking about being completely full over the upcoming weekend. Easy to see why.

We had another tip that The Dogwood Nature park was a great place to spend the day. And boy were they right. We brought the bikes and Nellie to explore this fantastic park. They clearly had the "Jurassic Park" movie in mind when they put this together. Check out the tour car. And we both fell in love with the wedding chapel and tree house.

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Sep 06, 2019

What a beautiful chapel and super cool restaurant! Also love the flying video, so peaceful. Thanks for sharing your awesome pics!

Where we off to next?! 😃


Sep 06, 2019

Mike and I are enjoying living vicariously and learning about great places to go visit through y'alls expeditions! You and Karen are living the life and enjoying. Paul, you remind me so much of my daddy and his love of flying! So much can be seen from above. Much love and safe travels! We are so excited to see "Oh (All) the Places You will Go!

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