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Are we ready?

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Really hoping not to jinx things as we have been here before. We were ready to launch our adventures and ran head first in to life.

In January my right eye decided not to be left out and the retina detached. That started a clock for getting my eyesight back. The timer just went off. I now have 20/20 in both eyes.

Karen's Mom, Dolly, got pneumonia and it caused a chain reaction of activity. She went to the hospital and rehab for weeks. During that time it became clear she needed to move to an assisted living facility. Turns out a great place was right next to where we originally moved her. But it required another move and weeks of effort by Karen to get everything arranged and set up. But its done, Dolly has moved in and seems very happy with her new digs. She already knew many people there as she was born and lived in the area. And she now has people looking after her when she needs it.

During the no-fly time, I went ahead and put the plane in for an annual condition inspection in Bulverde, just north of San Antonio at Texas Rotax. The plane came out with minimal issues. I have to change out the Electronic Location Transmitter and changed the battery. But it is ready to go. I took her up and everything ran great.

So..... it looks like we are ready to launch. Our goal is to be in McMinnville, Oregon in early May. That is just south of Portland where our daughter Amanda lives. We plan to be there a month, then head back to Longview to check in. Then up to Nappanee, IN for warranty work on the Newmar. Then we slowly work to Oshkosh for the big airshow there in July this year.

We are really looking forward to heading out.

Stayed overnight at the Bulverde airport where we picked up the plane.

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