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Updated: Aug 22, 2019

After 1.5 years of working the problem, coming up with solutions, throwing many out and starting over, the trailer system actually WORKS! And it seems to be working really well. There were issues that could not be addressed until the physical trailer got here. One of which was weight distribution. The trailer can't be too back heavy or it will sway. Front heavy and it will exceed the tongue weights of the vehicles. It seems like the weights are working really well with room to adjust if needed.

Another was getting the plane in/out and securing it for travel. Again, the system seems to be working as well or better than planned. I got a little advice from some friends at Spicewood airport. But Lowes, Home Depot and Tractor Supply were my best friends as I engineered solutions. The plane is locked down tight and should work well on the road. I will get better at getting it in and out, but expecting 15 minutes either way. Add another 15-20 to get the plane set up and it is a 30-45 minute process. Not too bad. When in one place for while I will tie the trailer down and roll the plane in without securing it. That will make it easier to get in and out for flights.

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