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Progress on the Trailer

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

I was able to test the system that the plane will sit on in the trailer. In order for everything to fit the plane must be high enough for the Jeep to come under it. I am mocking this up in the hanger until the trailer is available. Everything worked well, but will actually be easier in the trailer with the tie downs. The only issue was getting the plane off the stands as the aluminum ramps created a wheel chock making it difficult to get it back down. But that is easy to fix.

The system allows for the plane to be lifted on two stands and then locked down. At that point the tail will be lifted by the yellow strap and secured on a stand in the trailer. The tail stand will be removed and the Jeep goes under.

That hangar is helping to mock up the system before the trailer comes in. The plywood flooring on the second floor is 11', the same as the internal height of the trailer. The tail will be lifted and mounted to make room for the Jeep to come in under it.
Original planning and measurements seem to be working as designed.

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