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Shakedown Cruise Successful

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

This week was very eventful in the planning for our travels. The Motor coach and Trailer were connected and went on a shakedown cruise. It was fully loaded with the Jeep and the Kitfox. It worked GREAT! It tracked straight, pulled easily and was fairly easy to keep it off of curbs. The motion pointed out a few flaws in the packing and strapping that were easily fixed with only minor scratches. The drop hitch turned out to be just a few inches short and the front of the trailer is high as a result. Easily fixed with a longer drop hitch. (It's only money :)) And the camera system that will show in the trailer and behind it decided not to work. The manufacturer is sending some antenna extensions to try and help the signals.

Based on the ease of use with the coach it will lead me to use the Jeep to haul the trailer only when really necessary. Primarily for spotting the trailer in a specific site. I used the Jeep to pull the trailer from Spicewood to Marble Falls and pulled it a couple more times. It works, but is right on the edge of safe.

We head out on Sunday to a new RV Resort in Liberty Hill, TX that sports a runway. The owner is really looking forward to seeing the rig as he is an aircraft addict as well. From there to Livingston, TX to get everything weighed and dialed in, then back to Marble Falls for a few days to pack up Karen's Mom, Dolly. From there to Longview for a couple of weeks as we move Dolly to her new home. From there? Best bet is Big Bend and then we start working toward Florida to meet friends in Key West in early April.

This whole process has felt a lot like planning for a Mars mission. There was a lot of work that has been necessary to get us to this point. I emphasize work. It has not been a ton of fun. But that looks to be ending as we can look forward to heading out and starting the adventure.

First time to hook them up

At our favorite practice area in Burnet

Tied down in an aircraft spot

All loaded up. Many lessons learned in how to lock things down during travel.

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