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Trailer Projects

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

In Longview to allow time for Karen to work with settling her mother in her new place. But unfortunately her mother contracted Pneumonia and had to head to the hospital. Then a couple of weeks of therapy. Karen has been very busy and takes the Jeep to do her thing leaving me to occupy my time at the coach. Project time!


The first was something that has been under construction from the beginning. It is really important to have a rear camera on the trailer when we are moving. I also wanted a second camera to watch inside the trailer to assure things were staying in place while moving. The plan was to use a wireless system from DoHonsBest. They had the best ratings on Amazon and boasted about the ability to run 75 feet with signals. It is agonizingly close to working with the coach, but the signal was spotty and nothing the manufacturer could do or send me would help. So they sent me a full wired system at no charge. I ended up leaving both camera systems in place as the Jeep can use the wireless system. Running wires in the trailer was easy. Running them under the coach, not so much. The rear transmission area has low clearance and no room to move. So the wires had to go in some areas that I am not happy with. The manufacturer sent me multiple cables and lengths. I ended up using them all and just barely making it to the front of the coach. But it works.... at least while we are stationary. We will see how it holds up in motion.

TRAILER DECK - The plywood decking of the trailer was starting to look a little nasty. So the obvious choice was to paint it. I used a non-slip type that really adds the traction and should clean up easily. And since it was gray.... and it holds an airplane.... well, then....

It is actually usefull in moving the plane in to the trailer.

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