Adventures of the Black Pearl

Show me that Horizon....

Welcome to our website!  Starting in 2018 our 5 year mission is to see as much of North America by Land / Sea / Air as we possibly can.  Our home will be the Black Pearl, a 2018 Newmar Dutch Star.  It will tow a trailer that will contain our 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk, Kitfox SS7 Aircraft, Sea Eagle Boat and fold up bikes.  

Our goal is to take our followers along on the adventure using pictures and video captured by 4K cameras and our Mavic Pro Drone.  Look for blog updates on a monthly basis as we review where we went and what we were able to find.   While we will cover information on the RV, the Plane, the trailer, the Boat, etc. it is not intended to be an "insiders" website.  There are many such sites out there that do a much better job of it.  We plan to take our followers places they may never have the chance to visit themselves. Or it might encourage you to put it on your list. If you like the site, please point others our way.